Noyo Pharm: Noyo Aqua - K&C Animation studio


Noyo Pharm

Executive Producer

Lika Deisadze

Storyboard & Illustration

Alek Wałaszewski & Natalia Podgródna

Chracter Animation

Filip Mazur

3D Animation

Kuba Gajewski

There are times when you feel overhydrated and can’t find a way to get rid of excess fluid. Noyo Pharm has a solution to the problem. They offer a product called NOYO AQUA with a special ingredient that increases the elimination of excess water after just one week of use. Creating an animation presenting this solution is the third in a series of episodes. Here we have tried to convey the feeling of excess fluid in the human body to the greatest extent, which is clearly visible in the adventures that our hero experiences in the video.